NBA Most Popular Players

As the Miami Heat face-off against the San Antonio Spurs tonight for the first game of the NBA Finals, the annual survey of the most popular NBA players has been released. Conducted by  E-Score®, a leading consumer research service that provides information to media and entertainment companies, the survey shows only one player from each of the Spurs and the Heat made the top-10 list.

The survey combined scores for “appeal” and “talent” to determine the overall most popular players for this past season. Notably missing from the top-10 list was Miami Heat’s LeBron James, who had high scores for talent but one of the lowest scores for appeal, which dragged him down to #27 (32 percent of respondents found him appealing, 55 percent talented).

The top 10 most popular NBA players for this past season, in descending order (percentage of respondents who find player appealing/talented follow name)


Among the lowest ranking players was Kris Humphries, with only 16 percent of respondents finding him appealing and 24 percent talented.


  1. DId you just go to downtown Boston and ask a few people who they thought was appealing and talented?

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