Celebrity Endorsers in Super Bowl Ads 2013

Celebrities are a popular technique for advertisers looking to entertain, shock or otherwise cut through the noise of the most talked about advertising day of the year. As Super Bowl ads have become “Must See TV,” these brands have enlisted prominent athletes, models, action heroes, comedians and cultural icons to achieve their advertising objectives.           E-Score Celebrity has measured this year’s crop of big game endorsers along with the brands they are representing.

Although women are watching the game in numbers nearly equal to men (46% of last year’s audience was female according to published reports), male endorsers outnumber females almost two-to-one. Led by Sketchers and GoDaddy.com, these advertisers have collectively selected endorsers with male-skewing appeal.

A scan of the notable attributes for each endorser shows that humor and sex appeal remain popular themes, but some are dialing up celebrities who are considered “cute,” “approachable,” “interesting,” and “trend-setter” in an effort to capture the attention of this growing female audience.

Here are the E-Scores for the celebrity endorsers in this year’s Super Bowl advertising.

Name Brand  E-Score* %Awareness % Male Appeal % Female Appeal Notable Attribute
Amy Poehler Best Buy 94 37 65 64 Funny
Stevie Wonder Bud Light 100 70 69 71 Talented
Zoe Saldana Bud Light 85 20 59 63 Beautiful
Bar Rafaeli Godaddy.com 52 7 60 38 Glamorous
Danica Patrick Godaddy.com 84 40 53 35 Attractive
Dwayne “The
Rock” Johnson
Got Milk? 100 70 70 68 Good Energy
Willem Dafoe Mercedez Benz 93 37 65 50 Interesting
Usher Mercedez Benz 92 57 33 50 Stlylish
Kate Upton Mercedez Benz 62 11 59 44 Sexy
Tracy Morgan Mio Fit 85 46 49 39 Kooky/Wacky
Deion Sanders NFL 79 34 42 34 Physically Fit
Bob Odenkirk Samsung 32 4 75 60 Funny
Paul Rudd Samsung 94 31 69 71 Funny
Seth Rogan Samsung 93 43 54 56 Funny
Joe Montana Sketchers 93 37 63 45 Experienced
Ronnie Lott Sketchers 77 14 68 37 Talented
Jared Fogle Subway 67 22 29 33 Approachable
Kaley Cuoco Toyota 89 25 84 74 Cute
Beyonce Pepsi (halftime show) 94 61 51 50 Beautiful
Psy Wonderful Pistacios 27 7 44 46 Trend-Setter
Average 80 34 57 50

Source: E-Score Celebrity

E-Score Celebrity is conducted weekly among a nationally representative sample of 1,100 respondents ages 13+

E-Score Celebrity is a comprehensive resource for celebrity measurement and evaluation, ranking more than 7,500 celebrities and newsmakers from entertainment, sports, politics and culture on awareness, appeal and 46 different personality attributes.

* The E-Score is a composite measure that encapsulates the relative marketing effectiveness of each individual celebrity in the E-Score Celebrity database. Ranked on a scale from 0 to 100, the calculation takes into account not only traditional awareness and appeal, but also factors in negative measures to better gauge true marketability.


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