Coming to a Gaming Console Near You

Coming to a Gaming Console Near You

Gaming consoles have taken center stage in most households as the entertainment hub delivering content beyond gaming.

Microsoft recently announced that 40% of all Xbox use is non-gaming.  PS3 and Wii are following similar models, offering browsing capabilities as well as access to Netflix, hulu and streaming music.  This growth presents new opportunities for console owners to be presented with targeted content.

This raises the question, what sort of content does the typical game console user want to see?

Most Interested in a Video Game

Using the unique extendability assessment from  E-Score Character Kids we looked at which characters gamers age 6-12 (play console games 2-4 times per week or more) want to see in their TV shows and in their games.

Excluding characters that originated from video games, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon came out at top with 73% of respondents saying they are very or somewhat interested in seeing Toothless in a game.  Logan (Wolverine), Dumbledore, Megatron, Avatar and Phineas (Phineas and Ferb) also appeared on the list.

Source: E-Score Character Kids, Awareness >20%, among kids who play console games 2-4x per week or more

Most Interested in a TV Show

Toothless topped our list again with 77% of kids being somewhat or very interested in seeing him in a TV show; excluding characters originating from TV.   How to Train Your Dragon trainer Hiccup also appeared on our interest in TV show list as well as, Scrat (Ice Age), Donkey (Shrek), Po (Kung Fu Panda) and Dug (Up).

E-Score Character Kids can look at character appeal, potential extensions and attribute scores along different types of behavior.  Along with console video game use you can also filter by TV viewership, music consumption, internet video consumption and game console ownership.

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