Most Talked About Cable Shows

Cable Shows Worth Talking About

The water-cooler effect has expanded from office kitchenettes to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Programs that engage viewers in discussion create stronger viewer advocacy.  In other words, friends don’t let friends watch bad TV.

Most Talked About Cable Shows

Using Program Pulse Cable we looked at which are the top cable programs where viewers Talked About Show.  At the top of our list are shows featuring zombies, friendly serial-killers and Sarah Palin.  AMC’s The Walking Dead is tops on our list with a score of 60.

With no shortage of guns and grizzly bears, Sarah Palin’s Alaska is number two with 58.  Dexter, utilizing season long story arcs primed for speculation and suspense comes in at third with a score of 57.

Source: Program Pulse Cable, Awareness >20%, Sorted by awareness 

Along with Talked About Show, Program Pulse Cable can look into other engagement features including attentiveness and future viewing intent providing a picture of audience participation.

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