Celebrities Put a Price on Beauty

Celebrities Put A Price On Beauty

The Lipstick Effect is a theory claiming when faced with economic crisis consumers may spend less on costly luxury goods; women load up on affordable luxuries as a substitute for more expensive ones.  The current economic climate is proving that theory accurate.  According to the Professional Beauty Association, the beauty retail industry is to hit $59 billion in 2012, up from $43 billion in 2006.

The current state of the economy and recent trends in the beauty industry has created an opportunity for celebrities to bank on their famous faces and dewy complexions while beauty/fashion brands expand product lines and increase sales.

Top Beauty/Fashion Spokespersons

In our E-Score Celebrity Year End Special Report we looked at the top potential beauty/fashion spokespersons among females age 13 to 24 and 25 to 54.  As beauty products have focused on specific ages and groups, so in turn should their endorsers.  A celebrity appearing on the 13 to 24 list, such as Ashley Greene, is best suited promoting light and natural skin products, where Sandra Bullock, on the 25 to 54 list, might promote luxury cosmetic lines.

Source: E-Score Celebrity Year End Special Report, The Beauty/Fashion Spokesperson Index is a composite of awareness, appeal (“like a lot”) and attributes: attractive, trendsetter, glamorous, stylish. All celebrities listed have below average dislikes.

The beauty industry has segmented its product lines producing items that specifically serve certain ages, skin types and ailments.  Cosmetic brands have turned to celebrities to endorse their products.  Where models are seen as the paragon of beauty and perfection, celebrities can be perceived as the characters they portray with traits and flaws consumers can relate to, and empathize with.

Along with age, specific races and cultures deal with a variety of different beauty concerns.  E-Score Celebrity can look at opinions for potential beauty endorsers by race, age and life stage.  Read the rest of the E-Score Celebrity Year End Report to see which other celebrities appeared in our list.

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