Perry and Leblanc Just Want to be Friends

Perry and Leblanc Just want to be Friends

Flashback to the mid 90’s; college funds went to beanie babies, kids squandered their allowances on pogs, AOL was how we got online and Friends was one of the biggest shows on TV.

After the show’s finale in 2004, the six actors went their separate ways in hopes of taking that success into other arenas.  Now,with both Matthew Perry and Matt Leblanc returning to TV with new shows, and Cox’s Cougar Town gaining in popularity, it’s almost as if these friends are back in their old neighborhood.  We wondered how the intervening time has affected their public perception.

Friends’ Cast Still Strong with Audiences

According to data from E-Score Celebrity, each of the Friends cast members still possesses noticeable star power as they all have E-Scores above 90.   In addition, all six stars from Friends hold awareness scores well above the TV Comedy Personality average, with Aniston topping off at 77 followed by Cox at 58 and Leblanc at 57.   The Friends cast also earns higher appeal and funny attribute scores than the TV Comedy Actor category.  Leblanc and Perry score 60 and 55 for funny respectively, while the average sits well below at 39.

Source: E-Score Celebrity

If their new shows can live up to public perception, these programs are in a favorable position and can capitalize on their huge awareness, appeal, attribute scores and expectations with audiences.  If so, can it be long before we are all wearing Doc Martins and dancing the Macarena once again?

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