Olay Looks to Kim Cattrall

Olay Looks to Kim Cattrall

In an effort to reach out to women “of a certain age,” Olay has hired Kim Cattrall to endorse their anti-aging body wash and lotion.

The anti-aging beauty category is a large fraction of the industry, and Olay is banking on Cattrall’s image as the powerful, uninhibited Samantha Jones from Sex and the City to appeal to mature women.  We wondered how women 35 and older view Cattrall and how she compares to other female celebrities of her peer group.

Kim Cattrall Strong With Older Women

Cattrall’s successful film and television career has made her a marketable star, with an E-Score of 81.  While this may not quite match her fellow Olay endorser Carrie Underwood’s E-Score of 97, digging deeper we find that Cattrall is particularly strong among the target market for this product.  Using E-Score Celebrity we see that Cattrall’s strongest traits among women 35+ are Glamorous, Confident, Sexy, and Stylish.  As compared to the opinions of women ages 13-25, Cattrall is seen as more Attractive, Classy, Interesting and Sexy among women 35+.

Source: E-Score Celebrity, Females ages 35+ vs.13-25 aware of Cattrall

In her age group Cattrall ranks in the top ten for both Sexy and Stylish among female celebrities.  Olay is betting that older women can be convinced Cattrall’s beauty secrets come out of an Olay moisturizer bottle.  E-Score Celebrity can help uncover a celebrity’s strengths and weaknesses among specific target groups and help identify the right endorser for your brand.

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