Creepiest Characters

During Halloween the thoughts of children turn to pillow cases stuffed with candy and creepy characters you wouldn’t want to meet at the jungle gym alone.  Creepy, unlike evil or mean is a much more elusive characteristic that is commonly an undercurrent of other more explicit behavior.

Aside from maniacal laughter and methodically petting an exotic pet; creepy is a trait that can be derived from many sources.  In honor of Halloween we used
E-Score Character Kids to look at which characters kids 6-12 find the creepiest.

Source: E-Score Character Kids, minimum awareness of 10%

Topping our list with a Creepy score of 54 is the Spiderman villain Venom who bears reptilian fangs and an oversized tongue.  The famously odd Tim Burton has two characters on our list, Mad Hatter and the Red Queen from his adaptation of Alice in Wonderland come in at third and fourth each earning a 51 Creepy score.

The German folktale and diminutive weirdo Rumpelstiltskin recently appeared as the antagonist in Shrek Forever After which helped put him at number five on our Creepy list with a score of 31.  SpongeBob character and Krabby Patty recipe seeker Sheldon James Plankton rounded out our list at ten with a score of 20.


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