Which Acts Would Make Your Kids Rush the Stage?

Top Musical Performers Young Audiences Want to See

The changing economics of the music business have made live performances a primary focus for many recording artists and brands that want to associate with them

While the list of top-grossing concert tours includes many acts targeting baby boomers and their seemingly huge appetite for nostalgia, we wanted to see what opportunities exist for acts appealing to the younger crowd.  Using
E-Score Music’s “Extendibility” measurements, we looked at which live performances are the most sought-after by persons 13-24.

Most Wanted Concerts — Among 13-24

Source: E-Score Music, Ranked by Awareness, Concert Interest 20 percent of higher, filtered by age 13-24


Using E-Score Music we looked at artists that have the highest Awareness scores and the highest Interested in Performing in a Concert scores among ages 13-24.  Topping the list in terms of Awareness is Taylor Swift with a very Interested in Performing score of 25 and Awareness of 65.

When sorting for Interest in Performing in a Concert, Lady Gaga came out on top with a score of 32 with Awareness of 54.

When it comes to desire to attend a live performance, awareness and appeal don’t tell the whole story.  E-Score Music offers a unique set of Extendibility metrics which can help artists, brands and media managers alike assess consumer interest in artist live performances, television appearances, clothing labels and reveal possibilities for branding and endorsements.  E-Score Music data can further be filtered by age and level of music consumption and artist awareness.


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