Where did Lindsay go wrong and Justin go right?

Where did Lindsay go wrong and Justin go right?

Over the course of a celebrity’s career particular milestones can move an actor from relative obscurity to the top of the marquee or vice versa.

E-Poll Market Research’s new E-Score has the ability to assess an individual’s marketing effectiveness.  The E-Score is a calculation of positive and negative appeal scores with awareness to asses a celebrity’s true marketability.

When looking at some of today’s stars we wondered which career landmarks pulled them up or down and affected their E-Scores.

Career trajectory by E-Score

The ongoing trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan have seen her E-Score move from a high of 74 in 2005 to most recently an abysmal E-Score of 8 as of July 2010.  Lohan’s series of unsuccessful films, recreational drug use and a lack of legal consequences led to the plummet in her E-Score.

Justin Timberlake has managed to rise from N’Sync Tiger Beat coverboy to sought-after Grammy-Winning musician, actor and music producer as his E-Score has risen from 40 in 2003 to 91 as of August 2010.  Timberlake’s rank in the top tier of E-Scores reflects his sucess in multiple fields.

Our new E-Score has the ability to encapsulate consumers’ perceptions of celebrities into one score ranked on a scale from 1 to 100 based on their score relative to all celebrities measured.  As news and events happen, the E-Score measures how an individual stacks up in the ranks of all celebrities.


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