Can Stars Draw Viewers to Fall Premieres?

E-Scores for New Fall TV Stars

As the fall TV season kicks off, which new network shows will be able to attract viewers without relying on just plot points of philandering doctors and cops that make their own rules?  Using E-Poll’s new E-Score measure we looked at how some of the stars of this fall’s new shows may draw viewers to their TVs.

The overall E-Score is a new addition to the
E-Score Celebrity database, and can be found at the top of each individual’s scorecard.  The E-Score is a single composite score representing the relative marketability of each celebrity in the database.  This calculation not only utilizes traditional awareness and appeal scores, but also factors in negative measures to better gauge a celebrity’s true value.

Each personality is then ranked on a scale from 1 to 100 based on their score relative to all celebrities measured.  Scores are color-coded to provide at-a-glance interpretation.  Scores above 80 appear in green and represent the most marketable celebs.

Source: E-Score Celebrity, E-Score Measure

Several new network premieres will begin their promotional campaigns with the benefit of high-scoring leads.  NBC’s Outlaw stars Jimmy Smits who earns a high marketability score of 98.  CBS may attract viewers with star William Shatner’s E-Score of 96 for his new show  $#*! My Dad Says.   Keri Russel’s high marketability E-Score of 92 is an attractive feature for FOX’s Running Wilde.  Dana Delany’s E-Score of 91 may push her show’s medical drama Body of Proof on ABC into the light.

E-Score encapsulates consumers’ overall impression of a celebrity.  A new show can capitalize on a star’s existing public profile to intrigue viewers and encourage sampling.  Good story and writing is a key factor for success but first, the audience must be encouraged to tune in.

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