Old Spice. The Brand Your Brand Could Smell Like

Old Spice. The Brand Your Brand Could Smell Like

The social media explosion that stemmed from Old Spice’s commercials has left other brands stinking of envy.  Old Spice claims their YouTube/Twitter social media response campaign was “the fastest-growing and most popular interactive campaign in history.”  The impact of the popular commercials on actual sales of Old Spice has been hotly debated, though Old Spice touts a 27% increase in body wash sales during the past 3 months.

Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Clearly the commercials have had unbelievable exposure and unprecedented social media interaction.  But how has that massive publicity altered Old Spice’s brand image itself?  Previously, younger audiences identified Old Spice as that oddly shaped bottle residing in dad’s medicine cabinet.  In the wake of the commercial’s Web 2.0 success, has Old Spice been able to change its outdated image and appeal to younger demographics?

Source: E-Score Brand, Top Box (“Like a Lot”) Change in Appeal

Old Spice Increases Appeal and Positive Perceptions

Using E-Score Brand we looked at Old Spice’s scores before and after the success of the “Smell Like a Man” commercials.  Old Spice’s top box appeal among 13-17 years olds increased by 15 points,  12 points among 13-24 year olds and 7 points by panelists ages 18-24.  Among ages 13-25 Old Spice increased its Bold score by 7 points, Cool by 16 points and Distinctive by 8 points.  Brand Loyalty also saw a large increase; 13-25 year olds “very likely to purchase again” score jumped 14 points.

Source: E-Score Brand, Filtered by age 13-25 aware of brand

Aside from sales, Old Spice succeeded in creating a stronger brand identity with younger audiences and paved the way for future social media integrated endeavors.  E-Score Brand can identify how a brand’s milestone campaign can sculpt public opinion in a way YouTube view counts cannot.


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