Research Shows “The Decision” Damaged LeBron’s Appeal While Making Dwyane Wade More Popular.

This summer the NBA was abuzz with speculation regarding where LeBron would decide to take his talent.  In dramatic fashion LeBron choose to announce his destination is a one-hour  show acutely titled “The Decision” where he chose the Miami Heat as his new hoops home with fellow all stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  The self indulgence shown in “The Decision” drew ire and strong criticism from the public.   E-Poll Market Research found that   public sentiment towards LeBron James and fellow free agent Chris Bosh is down markedly, while attitudes towards Dwyane Wade are more favorable.

E-Poll’s E-Score® survey measured awareness, appeal and perceptions of the Miami Heat trio along numerous personality attributes.  In addition to a plunge in appeal rating from 47 to 29 points, James’ ratings for such attributes as “Confident,” “Exciting,” “Good Energy,” and “Talented” were all down significantly, while negative attributes such as “Cold,” “Insincere” and “Over-Exposed” showed big increases.  See table for additional details.

In contrast to James, Wade’s appeal score rose from 51 to 55 points, and he saw increases in his attribute scores for “Confident,” “Exciting” and “Talented.”  Chris Bosh experienced declines in appeal as well as most of his attribute scores.



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