BP’s Trial By Public Opinion

BP’s Trial By Public Opinion

The BP oil spill has received an unprecedented amount of media attention outlining the spill’s effect on politics, the economy and the environment.  The Gulf region in the South has felt the consequences of the disaster first-hand, with not only the environment but the local economy adversely affected.

While it is not unexpected that BP has take a big PR hit on this disaster, and is currently the most disliked company in E-Score Brand with 37% selecting dislike a lot to describe their feelings towards the firm, it is perhaps more surprising that the outrage directed at BP is not geographically consistent.  Using E-Score Brand we looked at how different regions of the nation feel about BP.

BP Appeal by Region

In the South BP scored a bottom dislike a lot score of 33%.  Interestingly the Northeast gave BP a significantly higher dislike a lot score of
45%.  The West region also scored a higher dislike a lot score than the South with 43%.  Nationwide BP’s attribute scores for offensive (37%) and trustworthy (2%) are the worst of any brand in the database.

It may be that the coasts, which have less direct involvement with BP feel differently than the South where some residents rely on the oil industry as a source of income and livelihood.  While no region perceives BP positively, and the brand’s attribute scores indicate serious trouble along many dimensions, it is remarkable that BP is not more disliked in the South compared to other regions.

E-Poll has the ability to look at E-Scores for brands, celebrities and characters within regions or even at the state level.  Regional retailers, brands or franchises national ratings can mask local opinions and feelings that can be used to effectively market to key areas.

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