Dancing into Women’s Hearts

Dancing into Women’s Hearts

The world operates on a number of universal constants; gravity, taxes and women love men that can dance.  Dancing with the Stars has existed as a platform for celebrities to sashay their way into the hearts and minds of women.

This is particularly true for celebrities from the world of sports, many of whom are unknown outside the universe of XY chromosomes.  We wondered how those athletes rated with women once they saw them on the dance floor.

Effect of Dancing with the Stars Appearance

Using data from E-Score Celebrity we looked at football stars Chad Ochocinco, Warren Sapp and Jason Taylor along with race car driver Hélio Castroneves.  We compared their scores with women before and after their appearance on DWTS to gauge how the show can improve female opinion.

All four stars increased their scores in both awareness and top two appeal among females.  The largest increase in female appeal score came to Warren Sapp who increased his score by 29 percentage points. For awareness among women, Warren Sapp’s awareness doubled and Jason Taylor’s almost tripled.

DWTS has proven itself as a stage for athletes of all varieties to present themselves in a different light and attract a fan base to which they may not otherwise have access.  E-Score Celebrity can gauge how a celebrity’s actions on screen or off can affect how the public views and recognizes them.


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