The Next Celebrity Clothing Line

The Next Celebrity Clothing Line

Musicians, unlike actors, have the ability to construct a public persona without the worry of an acting job distorting their image.  Where actors generally must portray a number of different characters and personalities, musicians have only one persona.  This gives musicians the opportunity to market themselves with a distinct style and ”brand.”

Since celebrities cannot easily impart their looks, talent, or money to the adoring public, fans can at least dress like them.  Using E-Score Celebrity and Music together we wondered which musical artists are best suited for their own clothing lines.

Interest in Seeing Musician’s Clothing Line

Utilizing E-Score Music’s ability to gauge brand extendibility and Celebritys appeal and attribute measures we can gauge potential interest in a recording artist’s fashion line.  We matched artists’ strong awareness, appeal, stylish and trend-setter E-Score Celebrity scores and ranked them with E-Score Music’s data on ”Interest in Seeing Musician Designing Clothing or Accessories.”

Topping the list is Selena Gomez. The teen actress turned singer, turned designer will be releasing her own fashion line ”Dream Out Loud” this August.  Coming in second is Gwen Stefani with her established L.A.M.B fashion line that continues to grow into fragrance and other accessories.

Source: Awareness greater than or equal to 16% ,like a lot greater than or equal to 15%, bottom 3 box less than or equal to 10%, stylish greater than or equal to 20%, trend-setter greater than or equal to 10%

Using the two E-Score products together you can combine the appeal and attribute scores in Celebrity with the brand extendibility and talent measures in Music to judge public interest in an artists clothing and accessory line.


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