What Does it Take To Be a CoverGirl?

What Does it Take To Be a CoverGirl?

While many brands look to create a brand image around one uniquely identifiable spokesperson, CoverGirl has taken a different approach.  CoverGirl’s portfolio of diverse endorsers varies almost as much as the number of ‘red’ lipsticks.  CoverGirl uses their celebrity endorsers’ specific qualities to impress onto their own brand.  We wondered what celebrity endorsers’ qualities are being applied?

Celebrity Endorsers Apply a Different Color

Using E-Score Brand we looked at CoverGirl’s strongest attributes and which of their celebrity endorsers are buoying those traits. Covergirl’s leading attributes are A Leader, Classic, Trustworthy and Sexy.  Looking at E-Score Celebrity data, CoverGirl endorsers Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna and Drew Barrymore each provide support to different aspects of CoverGirl’s brand image.

Queen Latifah’s above category average Confident score aid the brands  A Leader score, Ellen’s above average Trustworthy score helps with the same brand attribute for CoverGirl,  Drew Barrymore’s strong Classic score benefit Covergirl’s Classy score and Rihanna’s above average Sexy score improves the same trait for Covergirl.

Source: E-Score Celebrity; Covergirl Endorser attributes with above category avg. scores.
E-Score Brand; CoverGirl highest rated attributes

It would be difficult to find one celebrity that encompasses all the different traits comprising the CoverGirl brand. CoverGirl employs a portfolio of endorsers with individual strengths to shape their public brand image.  E-Score Brand with Celebrity can identify which traits connect with the public and which celebrities can assist in implementing a successful brand strategy.


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