Is Your Slogan Working?

Marketing in 6 Words or Less

Catchy slogans have long been a key tactic for marketers seeking to encapsulate a brand image in only a few words.  From Allstate’s ”You’re in good hands.” to BMW’s ”the ultimate driving machine” a strong slogan is instantly associated with its corresponding brand.

Effective slogans are also enduring, and this can become a double-edged sword for brands looking to change or update their image.  Fast-feeder KFC is facing an uphill battle in convincing customers to unthink its image for greasy, finger lickin good fried chicken, and research data from E-Score Brand shows that obsolete or out-of-use slogans are still recalled by a surprisingly large percentage of survey respondents.

Fast Food Slogan Recall

Using E-Score Brand we looked at what slogans are identified with some of the largest fast food chains and how well their current slogans performed. Respondents aware of the brand were asked an open-ended question ”what is the slogan for this brand?”

Source: E-Score Brand, Among respondents age 13+ aware of brand logo or  name

McDonald’s and Burger King have successfully imprinted their slogans on current consumers with ”i’m lovin’ it” identified by 60% of McDonalds brand respondents and Burger King’s ”Have It Your Way” weighing in at a ”whopping” 62%.  Taco Bell’s current slogan ”Think Outside The Bun” was recalled by 31% of respondents, but the long-unused ”Run For The Border” also garnered 16% recall.

Less effective, however, has been KFC’s ”UNTHINK.” campaign.  Despite the launch of a successful line of grilled chicken, only 2% associate the ”UNTHINK.” slogan with the KFC brand, while past tagline ”It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” came to mind for a full 45% of respondents.

Source: E-Score Brand, Respondents aware of brand image or  name

An effective slogan can be a valuable source of brand equity, but marketers looking to alter their image should recognize that they, like KFC, will have a long and difficult road to travel if an old slogan has taken root in the public consciousness.  E-Score Brand can help unlock the awareness and associations that consumer have with your brand and slogan.

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