How Would Conan do in Syndication?

Conan O’Brien Looking for a New Home

Discussions between Conan O’Brien and Fox over the ousted redhead‘s new late-night show continue to move forward with rumors and speculation over where Team Coco will set up shop.  The Wrap is reporting a number of syndication companies have shown interest in producing a syndicated show for Conan that would air as an early fringe or access talk show before primetime.  This shift in time would be a stark change from Conan’s previous gigs as a late-night host and may be a shake up for syndicated TV.


How Would Conan Do in Syndication?

If Conan was to make the change as an early fringe show how would he compare with current syndicated talk shows?  Using FastTrack Television Late Night and Weekday we looked at how The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien scored against existing syndicated talk shows.  Viewers of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien stated their top two reasons for watching the show were “I Like the Host” and “The Comedy Sketches”.  An average of all syndicated talk shows reveals the top rated program features include “Host/Anchor” and “Show Idea”.  Regardless of time slot, appeal of the host is a key element for any talk show

In developing a new show, understanding the elements of current successful programs can help better assess audiences and produce a hit. FastTrack Television measures not only viewership and consumption habits but why and how current viewers engage with a program.

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