Most Stylish Celebrities

Comprehensive Search Tool

Part of MediaSYNC’s Answer Center, the Comprehensive Search tool is an easy way to generate ranked lists using date  range, demographic and/or behavioral filters.  Lists can be created by specific awareness, attribute and appeal scores.  Reports can be easily downloaded and viewed as an Excel file.

Most Stylish Celebrities Among 18-34 Year Olds

To demonstrate the Answer Center’s Comprehensive Search we performed a query generating a list of the most Stylish celebrities according to 18-34 year olds during the year 2009.

When creating an Answer Center query, you will select parameters for date range, category and traits desired.  Then you will select any desired filters using either existing E-Poll “quick filters” or custom filters of your own design.

In this case, we specified E-Scores from January 1st to December 31st, 2009 in all categories ,with Stylish scores greater than or equal to 20% and Awareness greater than or equal to 10 percent.  Finally, we specified a demographic filter of ages greater or equal to 18 and less than or equal to 34.  The resulting list shows that Tim Gunn is considered the most stylish celebrity among ages 18 to 34.

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