Image vs. Name Awareness

Do You Know Me?

A famous American Express ad campaign featured celebrities giving clues to their identity and asking the question, “Do you know me?”

For those whose business involves celebrities, awareness is a critical issue, and one that can be complicated to evaluate.  For example, the American Express campaign relied on celebrities who are recognizable by name but not by their faces.

This is why a unique feature of the E-Score Celebrity methodology measures both name and face recognition to determine total awareness among your target.

Image vs. Name Awareness

Using E-Score Celebrity you can determine the source of a famous personality’s recognition.  We looked to see which celebrities have the largest gaps between face and name recognition.  In TV, gaps in name to face recognition came from John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox on Scrubs) and Ed O’Neill (Al Bundy from Married With Children and more recently Jay Pritchett of Modern Family ).  Both actors have a face recognition 40 points higher than their name.

The situation can be reversed in sports and other fields, where name recognition is more prominent.  Personalities with considerably better known names over faces included J.K. Rowling, Lance Armstrong and Shania Twain.  In today’s multi-platform media environment, a clear understanding of a personality’s fame can help determine the best way to use their celebrity effectively.

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