Is American Idol Fueling Ford?

Is American Idol Fueling Ford?

Fresh off his performance of the national anthem at the NFC Championship Game, American Idol winner Kris Allen can be seen in ads for Ford’s Fusion Hybrid.  Ford has been a long-standing sponsor of American Idol, with many promotional tie-ins.  Kris Allen’s relationship with Ford during his time on American Idol appears to have grown on the automaker, which recently released a new TV ad featuring the singer.

Kris Allen Keeps Ford in Tune

Ford’s return to profitability has relied upon the message of  reliability combined with an American-made product.  Kris Allen’s “hometown boy” genuine character fit with the automaker’s objectives and goals.  By using Allen’s popularity the resurgent Ford can bolster its comparative advantage against its competitors.

Allen’s top two-box appeal of 73% is far above his category average and greater than Ford’s appeal of 45%.  Ford also has a higher than category average score in both Trustworthy and Down to Earth.  Kris Allen also scores a higher than category average in those identical attributes.  Kris Allen’s appearance in Ford commercials is a move to reflect some of that hometown charm on to the automaker, and the matching attributes marks a good fit between brand and endorser.

Brand Alignment: Ford and Kris Allen

Source: E-Score Brand Data

Source: E-Score Celebrity Data

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