20 Years Already? Doh!

Fox’s celebration of the 20th-anniversary of The Simpsons attracted 20 million viewers for its 450th episode last Sunday.  The iconic show has been a fixture of Sunday night viewing for two decades, chronicling the ups and downs of one of the last American television families, while retaining its unique ability to entertain audiences both young and old.

We looked at the E-Score Character appeal, awareness and attribute scores of The Simpson family.  Homer has the highest awareness score with 62% with Bart nipping at his heels with 61%, Marge with 54% and Lisa at 49%.  Homer is also the most appealing with a score of 54% top-two box.  Each Simpson family character’s highest attribute score is “funny”, except Lisa’s which is “intelligent”.  It is in the second highest attribute score where each character’s persona comes out.

Like all E-Score prodcuts, E-Score Character provides open-end responses that allow further insight into how characters are viewed by the public in their own words.  Among the open-ended questions E-Score Character asks “What do you like about this character?”, “Are there any additional words or phrases you would use to describe the character?” and “What do you dislike about this character?”

E-Score Character will now be fielded on a monthly basis, with data available in MediaSYNC within seven days of survey launch.  In addition to its other market-leading features, E-Score Character now has the most frequent fielding and fastest turnaround in the industry.

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