2009 E-Poll Holiday Survey: Who would you like to spend New Years Eve with?

Here are some other people that respondents said they would like to spend New Year’s Eve with and why.

Albert Einstein – I would like to understand Relativity.  I think he could explain it

Angelina Jolie – Isn’t it obvious!

Ashley Tisdale – Because she’s famous enough that there would be definite friendship perks, but not so famous that she wouldn’t call me the next day. Also, she’s really pretty and seems like she’d be fun.

Christopher Walken – Creepy and cool guy

Cote De Pablo – HAVE YOU SEEN HER!

Craig Ferguson – He’s funny, kooky. Would be fun to be with at a party.

George Clooney – wouldn’t everybody?

Jesus – He loves me, right? So we should spend New Year’s eve together.

Megan Fox – Should be self-explanatory

Mike Rowe – He seems like a great guy to sit down and have a beer with.

Oprah – Come on! The money that she plays with you know she would hook you up.

Taylor Swift – because kissing her at midnight would be AWESOME!

Ellen DeGeneres- I think she’s hysterical!

Jay Leno – So he can make me laugh

-Comment and let us know who you would like to ring in the new year with!


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