2009 E-Poll Holiday Survey: What gifts do celebrities need the most?

With gift giving in season we asked adults which celebrity is in need of a gift, and what would you give them. Our favorite responses included:

Britney Spears – Common Sense

Chris Brown – Anger Management Classes

Heidi & Spencer Pratt – A Brain

Jon Gosselin – A muzzle

Kanye West – Humility

Lindsay Lohan – Rehab

Miley Cyrus – To find a neutral place between youth & young adult

Octomom – A bunch of babysitters

Paris Hilton – Talent

Rush Limbaugh – A heart

Taylor Lautner – ME!

Tom Cruise – A new brain, one less psycho

Tyra Banks – Modesty

-What else do you think celebrities should have on their list? Comment and let us know!


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