Are You Prepared for a New Year?

Are You Prepared for a New Year?

As 2009 draws to a close, many companies are finding themselves simultaneously closing out the old year and preparing for the new one.

Whether you’re dealing with last-minute projects, trying to complete plans from earlier in the year, or looking ahead to 2010,
E-Poll Market Research is here to help with all your research needs.  We specialize in rapid turn-around, and we’re fully-staffed throughout the busy holiday season.  With industry-leading expertise and flexibility to work within your budget parameters, E-Poll can provide you with:

  • Customer Profiling – We have probably already identified your current and potential customers (as well as your competitors’) in our panel among our 500+ profiling data points collected.  We can reach your target quickly and inexpensively.
  • Branded Entertainment ROI – Assess viewer involvement, relevance of placement and key drivers of awareness and purchase intent.  Find the greatest convergence of media and message, and measure the actual outcome.
  • Tracking – Our single-source panel is ideal for tracking changes in consumer sentiment over time.  Whether you want to re-contact previous panelists or ensure unique respondents in successive waves, the E-Poll Panel is the ideal tool.
  • Multi-Platform Ad Effectiveness – Break through media environment clutter to effectively gauge not only reach but consumer interactivity.
  • Other Custom Projects – Our experienced team of industry experts is at your service to design and execute custom projects to meet any research need.

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