Mickey Takes Off the Gloves

Mickey Takes off the Gloves

Recently it was announced that America’s favorite mouse, Mickey will be re-imagined and introduced in a new video game as Epic Mickey.  The iconic character is receiving a new look and attitude taking a much tougher role in the upcoming game, while continuing to wear his customary red shorts and white gloves.  Altering any character as beloved and recognized as Mickey can be a difficult task, fraught with risks and challenges as consumers react to the changes.

E-Score Character fields monthly and can track the equity of Epic Mickey or other character across all three age groups of our E-Score Character products (People 13+, 6-12, and 2-5), allowing character creators, programmers and licensees to monitor the attitudes of their most critical audiences to the new character developments.

Along with appeal and attribute scores E-Score Character can also look at extension questions revealing consumer sentiments towards the character branching out in TV, toys, movies, gaming, books and other types of media. Making the right character license decisions is more important than ever as missed opportunities result in lost revenue while the wrong decisions can have an even greater negative impact.

Interest in Seeing Mickey in a Video Game
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