Hispanics Prefer Redbox

“Ethnic segments are leading lifestyle trends,” Neil Golden, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s USA, recently told an industry gathering.  He revealed that marketers at McDonald’s start by understanding ethnic segments which are “setting the pace” and then apply those insights to the general  market .  With the upcoming census, Hispanic Americans are expected to come to the fore as a leading US ethnic group.

Getting insights from ethnic groups is not always easy.  But with E-Score Brand, subscribers can drill down into various demographics and ethnic groups at the click of a button.  Ethnic insight is included at no additional charge.

One industry which is facing rapid change and may do well to look to the Hispanic market for insights and clues to future direction is home entertainment retailing.  New entrants have joined the market, offering convenient and affordable ways to purchase and rent TV shows and movies and incumbents are under attack from all sides.

Hispanic Preferences Among U.S. Home Entertainment Retailers

Source: E-Score Brand; Home Entertainment Retailers, Filtered by Ethnic Background: Latino

Despite a smaller distribution footprint, rental kiosk Redbox led the way with Hispanics in both appeal and interest in new products or services.  Redbox has been quickly expanding locations of its rental boxes through placement in supermarkets, McDonald’s and other retailers.  Open end responses from Hispanics describe Redbox as “cool and easy” and “convenient”.  Subscribers to E-Score Brand can dig deeper and also look at Hispanic and other ethnic groups’ attitudes towards these home entertainment retailers on other attributes like “cool”, “cutting-edge” and “innovative”.  These measures are all available standard with each E-Score product subscription.

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