Creepy But Lovable

E-Poll Market Research has compiled a list of the top 20 celebrities that people find creepy but at the same time appealing.

From Robert Pattinson’s brooding vampire, Edward, to the conniving Benjamin Linus played by Michael Emerson on Lost, or Anthony Hopkins’ ferocious Hannibal Lecter, it’s clear that some of our favorite celebrities can combine “creepy” and “appealing” in one package.  At the top of the creepy but lovable list is Stephen King who is loved for his creepy and often disturbing stories.

Creepy But Lovable List

E-Score Celebrities in any category, excluding “deceased.”  These E-Scores have an Awareness score greater than or equal to 10%, Appeal score greater than 35%, and  a Creepy score greater than or equal to 15%. The E-Scores were fielded after 10/01/2008 among all survey takers.

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