Mrs. Butterworth’s Secret Past

Two well-established corporate characters are receiving makeovers.  Michelin Man and Mrs. Butterworth are being updated with a new look and name, respectively.  The Michelin Man is now adorned with a tire around his waist that can be whipped through the air saving motorists from inefficient tires.  The matronly talking syrup bottle also known as Mrs. Butterworth has revealed her first name, Joy, as well as the childhood trauma which has caused her to conceal the name for nearly 50 years.  Read the story here.

Have no fear, the Michelin Man is here!

Corporate characters typically reflect desired qualities of the brand or product message.  The new-look Michelin Man is intended to take a more active and aggressive role. E-Score Character will measure the Michelin Man along attributes “brave” and “exciting” to gauge how effectively the character is portraying those features. E-Score Character will show how Mrs. Butterworth’s attribute scores “warm” and “sincere” have moved since she revealed her first name.  Use E-Score Character to gauge if your corporate characters are effectively delivering your intended brand message.

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