Condé Nast Goes on a Gourmet Diet

Publisher Condé Nast has announced that the 68-year-old Gourmet magazine will be serving its last course. In a struggling industry where circulation and ad revenue has fallen, Condé Nast has decided to focus its catalog by eliminating titles it feels expendable. Along with Gourmet, Condé Nast is terminating magazines Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, and parenting magazine Cookie.

Gourmet Maintains its Sheen

Condé Nast concluded that Bon Appétit, the sister magazine to Gourmet, has the greater chance of success and long term growth. According to E-Score Brand, Bon Appétit earned 24% awareness while Gourmet had only 13%.

Despite the perception that Bon Appétit is better positioned for survival, Gourmet has several strong assets as a brand, including higher appeal (42% vs. 30% for Bon Appétit) as well as a sterling reputation, earning above industry average scores in attributes “Credible”, “High-Quality” and “Informative”. E-Score Brand also reveals that more people agree that Gourmet is a “brand I would recommend” (34% to 18% for Bon Appétit) and “I would try new products/services” from Gourmet (37% to 25%).

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