Favorite Holiday Memories

E-Poll Market Research, a leading authority in celebrity and brand research for over a decade, has released the results of its annual holiday survey of over 1,000 responses from children and adults alike. With such proven history authenticating the existence of Santa Claus, the combustible nature of fruit cake, the shock and awe of tangled lights and the practical applications of a lump of coal, E-Poll finds out all there is to know about the Holidays.

Take a moment to share with us some of your most cherished, funniest, or most touching moments of past Holiday seasons. Read and comment about other memories and share some of your own, maybe you will share some in common.

Here are some of our Favorites

1. The year that I turned 14, ‘Santa’ was trying to accommodate the fact that I was still in between childhood and adulthood. He brought me a 4 foot tall stuffed gorilla and red satin sheets – what a combination!”

2. “Santa leaving a note to forget cookies and leave macaroni and cheese.”

3. “When my grandma got a big clock necklace like Flava Flav.”

4.“Getting my first bike….it was not any bike. My Dad had his boys make it out of airplane wheels and scrap metal in his machine shop. It was right after the war in l946.”

5. “With friends on a beach in the West African coast, with the moonlight shining over us and the rays of the sun at dawn on   Dec 26.”

6. “The first year as a child I got to decorate the tree all by myself and then sat in the dark just watching the lights.”

7. “Christmas without money, it was the kids’ favorite. It was the year after they got so much it filled the living room. I was shocked to find out it was their favorite.”

8. “I got out of the military in time for Christmas and surprised everyone.”

9. “My Dad trying to run and jump over his new car,hitting the hood, and sliding off the other side.”

10. “Finding my kids ‘how to catch Santa’ plans, complete with maps.”

11. “Putting up Xmas lights and finding out there was a short in the line the hard way.”

12. “Spinning around in the court I live in with a torn bean bag in my hands, while singing I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!”

13. “An accidental impromptu Christmas Eve dinner at Denny’s.”

14. “Christmas Tree tipping over and rolling out to the next room while the family ate dinner.”

15. “Watching my brother open up a present that was underwear for my mom.”

Post your favorite, touching, or funny holiday memory. Your name is optional, but please include your age and gender. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Jimbo, Dude! I like them all, but actually the best beer is not even ltiesd! Yikes! Where’s my Yebisu beer? Sure it costs more than the other beers, but when you want a REALLY good beer, it’s Yebisu…. Other than that, I’ll take the Sapporo Black label.

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