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the possibility of an economic recession and a faltering housing
market, do consumers think it’s a good time for home improvement? If
so, which improvements are home owners willing to undertake?

Type of Remodel Percentage
Painted 23%
New Carpet, Tile, Flooring 10%
Landscape 7%
Kitchen or Bathroom 7%
Remodel that is not Kitchen or Bathroom 4%
Other Type of Remodel 14%
None of the Above 62%

E-Poll Market Research Product and Category Usage Survey conducted in
March 2008 among a representative sample of 3800 respondents ages 13 –


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Pop Stars with Fashion Lines – How do they Rank?

a successful fashion line can help to extend a celebrity’s brand and
public appeal.  Using E-Score™Celebrity data, E-Poll recently
provided Women’s Wear Daily with
an appeal ranking of female vocal artists who have contemporary fashion
labels. In E-Score Celebrity, 1,100 men and women were asked to rate
awareness and appeal of each singer.  E-Score Celebrity is the
only tool that measures awareness by name and face.  “Stylish” is
measured alongside 45 other personality attributes including
“Overexposed,” “Influential” and “Intelligent.”

of the top artists on the list have a sparkling public image.
There’s a great mix of older and younger stars, all with their own
distinctive styles.  Some are trend-setters, some have
all-American appeal, while others are perceived as classy or admired
for the way they balance their work and life.

On the whole, artists with a high “stylish” rating garnered greater appeal.

The Multi-Taskers: Appeal and Style Rankings

The Multi-Taskers: Appeal and Style Rankings Chart

E-Score™ Celebrity is conducted weekly among a representative sample of
1,100 respondents ages 13+ and encompasses measures of awareness,
appeal and a diverse list of 46 key attributes. E-Score Celebrity is
the preeminent source of celebrity information used by major brands,
agencies and advertisers to guide critical marketing decisions.


Turning “Green Appeal” into Greenbacks

and more marketers are jumping on the “green” bandwagon as a way to
turn Earth Day into the new Christmas for environmentally friendly

may have better than average recall when it comes to green advertising,
but may or may not buy into the claims depending on the perception of
the brand as having a consistent, sustained effort at being friendly to
the environment.

surprisingly went green by selling 100 million compact fluorescent
light bulbs, introducing fair trade certified coffee and buying 10
million pounds of organic cotton.  Wal-Mart’s ‘green’ attribute
rating now stands at 7%, according to the latest wave of E-Poll Market
Research’s E-Score™ Brand.  E-Score Brand provides a 360 degree
view of brand equity and the strength of its relationship with
consumers.  “Green” is an attribute that’s measured alongside
other drivers of appeal including “Trustworthy,” “Unique” and “Sincere.”

manufacturers are greening up by launching products that run cooler and
use less power.  Saving energy and the environment may become
increasingly important to marketing products that can become obsolete
as often as every 18 months.

Gore’s efforts as P.R. man for planet Earth have increased awareness of
how consumers’ choices in energy use and shopping affect the
environment.  Improving your brand’s green appeal may be a way to
further differentiate yourself in highly competitive markets.

are the top 10 brands with Green Appeal and how the electronics
manufacturers stack up, taken from the latest wave of E-Score Brand,
which tracks over 100 brands quarterly.

E-Score Brand – Top 10 ‘Green’ Appeal

Top 10 brands with Green Appeal

E-Score Brand – Gadget ‘Green’ Appeal

Top 10 brands with Green Appeal

E-Score™ Brand – fielded January 24th through January 30th, 2008 among
a representative sample of 1,500 respondents, age 13+.




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