24 Clocks Out

April 2, 2010

24 Clocks Out

Fox has decided to not renew the drama 24 for a ninth season.  Increasingly high production costs and diminishing ratings in a competitive time-slot spelled out the end for the show.  Despite 24’s cancellation it may not be the last time we see Jack Bauer fighting insurgents and interrogating terrorists.  Speculation is a 24 movie may be in the works citing show producer Howard Gordon.

Television programs and characters making the jump to the big screen aren’t unheard of.  Sex and the City, Star Trek and The X-Files each spawned a series of feature films.  The viewing public’s opinion of the already familiar subject matter and characters can help determine the success of a jump to the silver screen.

Character Extendibility: Jack Bauer Coming to a Theater Near You

Using E-Score Character extendibility measures we looked at Jack Bauer’s potential as a big screen action star.  Bauer received an Interested in seeing in a movie E-Score of 58% top two box which is above the category average.

Source: E-Score Character

Action Hero Comparison

We also looked at how Bauer matched up with other successful action movie protagonists.  James Bond, Jason Bourne and Captain Kirk’s Exciting E-Score respectively are 61%, 64% and 46%. Bauer earned a  Exciting score of 54%.  Bond, Bourne and Kirk’s Brave E-Score fall between 62% and 59%; Bauer earned a 57% Brave E-Score.  E-Score Character can be used to look into a character’s potential extendibility and success in different media.

Source: E-Score Character


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