Casey Anthony Is The Most Hated Person In America

August 11, 2011

Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who was found not guilty recently of murdering her two year-old daughter, is the most hated person in America, according to a new poll that tracks public perceptions of celebrities. Anthony, 25, who is now in hiding after being released from jail in July, was more disliked than California’s “Octomom,” former football star O.J. Simpson and socialite Paris Hilton, according to the poll released on Wednesday, August  1oth.

E-Score Celebrity is conducted weekly among a representative sample of 1,100 respondents ages 13+. These E-Scores were fielded after 8/1/10 among all respondents. Minimum Awareness of 10%. Ranked first by Total Dislike, then by Awareness

Our E-Score Celebrity research for the first week of August showed that 53 percent of those questioned were aware of Casey Anthony and her story, and 94 percent of those people disliked her. Anthony was also considered “creepy” by 57 percent of those questioned and “cold” by 60 percent of respondents.

The E-Score Celebrity poll is carried out weekly among a representative sample of 1,100 respondents aged 13 and over. It ranks more than 6,000 celebrities in terms of public awareness, appeal and 46 other attributes.

*Data citations should be attributed to “E-Poll Market Research, whose E-Score ©
Celebrity service ranks more than 6,000 celebrities on awareness, appeal and 46
different personality attributes”

What Emmy Nominated Series Have in Common

August 9, 2011

What Emmy Nominated Series Have in Common

The Emmy nominations were announced two weeks ago including the six shows up for the best comedy series trophy.  The nominees include 30 Rock, Glee, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, The Office and The Big Bang Theory.  A best series winner need not have the highest ratings, as recently demonstrated with 30 Rock’s three-peat best comedy series run.  Critical acclaim can be an indicator but seldom promises a trophy.

What, then, are the factors that make a show nomination-worthy?  Using Program Pulse we were able to identify the common strengths this year’s best comedy series nominees hold.

Emmys Choose Brains Over Beauty

Program Pulse Broadcast provides a measurement of program attributes and key elements.  Calculating an average for all broadcast comedies we looked at where this year’s nominees pull ahead.

  Source: Program Pulse Broadcast, June 2011

The six nominees possess significantly higher than average scores in Clever, Intelligent and Unique.  The nominees score an average Clever score 13 points higher than average.  The broadcast comedy genre average for Unique is 39%, well below the nominee average of 52% led by everyone’s favorite sing-a-long Glee with a Unique score of 67%.

The Emmy nominees also scored 16 points higher than the broadcast comedy average in Intelligent with the theorem-dropping The Big Bang Theory getting top marks with 57%.

This year’s nominees show a growing maturity in audiences that appreciate programs that at least appear to stand out from the collective TV programming. Program Pulse is fielded monthly covering both cable and broadcast programs.  Each show is rated among 24 different attributes and 7 program elements.


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